To ensure that counsellors continue to maintain current knowledge and skills within the field, counsellors are required to re-certify every two years to continue their Canadian Problem Gambling Counsellor designation.

Two months prior to renewal date, counsellors will be forwarded a re-certification notice and an application form for re-certification. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and receipt of renewed certification.


  • Every two years 32 hours of approved, verified specific education is required of which a minimum of 18 hours must be gambling specific. The remaining 14 hours may be in related fields such as treatment methods and models, and/or other areas of addiction and mental health.
  • Approved education credits must have been earned no longer than 24 months prior to re-certification due date.
  • Education hours may be obtained from workshops, conferences, seminars, webinars, online courses or formal education opportunities.
  • Proof of education attendance to be included with re-certification application.
  • A non-refundable re-certification fee of $200 must be submitted with the re-certification application.


If the individual designed, researched and presented the thesis, they may be granted a maximum of 20% of total education hours. The candidate would be responsible for the submission of a thesis executive summary and proof of completion/graduation from the sponsoring institution.

The applicant will provide a course outline stating the number of hours required to complete the course, the form of evaluation, the final grade and a short report on the value of this particular learning. The candidate will then be eligible for a maximum of 1 education hour per approved online hour to a maximum up to 15% of your total educational hours.

The candidate will submit an outline of the workshop and a report as to the time spent on research and design tasks. The applicant will then be eligible for a maximum of 5% of the total education hours towards certification.


The candidate will submit an outline of the presentation and include a minimum of 5 completed/signed evaluations from participants of this session. The applicant will then be eligible for a maximum of 5% of the total education hours.