Board of Directors

Peter works as a Community Health and Education Specialist with the Gambling, Gaming and Technology Use-Knowledge Exchange program (formerly the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario) at CAMH, where he has worked since 1993.
He was one of the first three gambling counsellors in 1995 when treatment resources for problem gambling was first funded by the Ministry of Health of Ontario.
His work involves the development of educational resources in the area of problem gambling and technology use for addiction and mental health service providers. These resources may include online courses, webinars, face-to-face workshops and published material. He is also the chair of the Canadian Problem Gambling Certification Board and his area of specialty is in the integration of mindfulness meditation and clinical practice.
He introduced mindfulness to the Problem Gambling and Technology Use Treatment Service at CAMH in 2010 and has led Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention groups for the clients for ten years. He has also facilitated mindfulness workshops for addiction and mental health service providers. Peter is also a published author in the area of Mindfulness and Problem Gambling treatment.
Clarence Chan has worked for 15 years in the field of problem gambling in Richmond, B.C. He is currently working as Youth and Family Counsellor with Richmond Addiction Services. He is certified as a Gambling Counsellor under the Canadian Problem Gambling Certification Board. Clarence has received both his Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honors), and Master of Social Sciences (Criminology) at the University of Hong Kong. He has worked in various departments for the Social Welfare Department Hong Kong Government.
Michelle West accounting. She completed her Honours Business Administration Degree at the University of Windsor in 2008. She has nearly completed her CPA designation, and plans to finish in the coming year. Her passion for accounting is rooted in helping people make better business choices. Michelle is an avid environmentalist and animal lover, making eco-friendly sustainable changes to her home and workplaces. has been part of the accounting industry for over 12 years, 10 of which were in public
Karen has been working with at-risk populationsin community health, education and social services since the 1990’s. My career began in Richmond BC, working in residential emergency care group homes and alternative education. In the 2000s, after spending a year abroad teaching French as a Second Language in the Turks & Caicos, I returned to BC, now on Vancouver Island,working in youth addictions in an outreach capacity, working as youth and family support in indigenous education and finally contracting with Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch (GPEB)delivering workshops and presentations for theResponsibIe & Problem Gambling Program (RPGP) Prevention program. In 2013, I completed my MA in Leadership from the University of Victoria. In 2020, I completed OnBOARD Trainings Board Governance Overview workshop.
Janay Warren has been working in the field of addictions since 2005. She has worked in various roles, including relief counsellor at a women’s treatment facility for substance use, counsellor at a withdrawal management centre and support staff in a residential treatment program for problem gambling and digital dependence. Janay is currently working as a counsellor at The Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency at Hötel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in Windsor, Ontario. In addition to her counselling role, Janay has had the opportunity to help create and partake in numerous presentations and workshops throughout her community. Janay’s passion for the gambling and digital dependency field has not gone unnoticed by her clients, colleagues and management as she continues to further her knowledge in the field.